About Us

KRISHNAZ  is the World’s Premium Luxury fashion destination. A pioneer of innovation, KRISHNAZ is India’s exclusive members only destination for ultra  luxury premium shopping from boutiques across the globe.It is all about revolutionizing the way people shop exclusive luxury fashion in the country.

Thanks to long-standing direct relationships with designers boutiques and official retailers worldwide, KRISHNAZ offers a never-ending selection of products, including:

  • An edited range of hard-to-find clothing and accessories from the world’s most prestigious designers
  • Exclusive capsule collections
  • Eco-friendly fashion
  • A curated selection of compelling and collectables chosen by international curators and critics from the world’s leading international boutiques and retailers.

Shopping on KRISHNAZ is all about discovery – an eclectic and playful journey beyond fashion’s strict seasonal rules – allowing men and women to express their individuality through timeless and creative style.


To facilitate an easy yet gratifying experience to the luxury fashion shoppers and enthusiasts with sophisticated bona fide products, which caters to all their fashion desires at the right price. To simplify buying one’s favorite designer piece from our colossal variety online within the comfort of their homes.


Our 500 partner boutiques/sellers on KRISHNAZ sells luxury fashion goods including Handbags, Clothing, Shoes and accessories from almost 80 brands via our portal .Many of these brands are not available to the market yet and for every brand which is already their our website would be providing a larger product variety.


Consumer gets an absolute authenticity guarantee With a tie-up with upto 500 boutiques world over, we bank on a good collection of products with ample variety at real competitive prices. Our straight from the runway collection features products three months before they hit the offline stores in the country and almost at the same time as the stores in Milan or Paris. While our sale will mostly feature 30-40 percent off all throughout the year, online shoppers enjoy a particular product at up to 60 percent off on the actual sale price on our seasonal sales . Our collection is well updated once in every ten days and will eventually be refreshed adding a new variety on a weekly basis.

There is a mandatory membership fee of one thousand rupees to access our website. This not only makes us exclusive but allows the consumer to feel like a privileged member of a refined club with like-minded aficionados of the exorbitant Ultra luxury fashion world.